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July 24, 2009

The End

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Well, I am fairly confident that this will be my last blog post from Yaounde.

Ron, my fellow Wyliffe volenteer left to go back to the East Coast this evening, I will remain here until Tuesday night.

It has been such a pleasure getting to know the  local people and serving with them this past month. In reflection of this trip I feel remarkably similar to the thoughts and feelings post Timothy Project. I am overwhelmed by God’s grace, and in awe of His creation. After having an experience such as this the question of, “What does this mean for me?” or “Where do I go from here?” is on the forefront of my mind. I feel like I am still processing what has happened on Timothy Project as well as on this trip. I am confident however that by His grace the skills, lessons, and abilities learned through these experiences will be exactly what I need for whatever lay ahead in my life.

Thank you for reading, praying, and supporting me through this trip. I look forward to sharing pictures, and more intimate stories about how God is working in this place.



July 19, 2009

It Was A Mistake…

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I am not a big fan of chicken gizzards as it turns out:




July 17, 2009

Steady as She Goes

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Well, not a whole lot to report here since my last update. At the end of my last blog post I mentioned that I was not feeling well. That turned into quite the illness that knocked me on my butt for a couple days. I was pretty sick from sunday through tuesday. By wednesday I was able to go to the site and work (by the grace of God) for the whole day.

Work has been getting better everyday! The language barrier is still there but as I get more and more comfortable navigating the roof and surrounding job site I can anticipate what work is needed instead of waiting for instructions that hardly make any sense to me. Carpentry is hard! Harder then I thought, and working with this rock hard, water soaked jungle wood has been a challenge.

On this one project I was working on I was just having the hardest time and I started to get discouraged. Then Johnson (his real name I cannot pronounce), an extremely nice an knowledgeable craftsmen from Cameroon, came by to see how I was doing.

Johnson inspected my work.

“Johnson”, I said “Should I just stop what I am doing?” I was afraid of ruining the project.

Without hesitation he said, “Do not stop, just improve.”

HA! Like its that easy! …. Is what I was thinking. You know I am sure there is a real lesson there. It seems that there are many times in my life when I call out to God that I want to quit, and rather then letting me quit He gives me the ablitites, tools, and the strength to not only just continue on, but to improve.

It wasn’t long before I finished that project with a smile on my face.

I will leave you with a picture of last nights dinner:


July 12, 2009

Primate Park

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We went to a “primate park” on Saturday. I felt like I was in the movie Jurassic Park… you know, after the electricity goes out, everything breaks, and all the animals try to eat you.



It was a really cool place. We drove about an hour outside of Yaounde, into the jungle. This park is basically just very large fenced off areas of jungle with tons of different monkeys in them, Baboons, Chimps, Guerillas, ect. We had a guide who took us around and showed us the monkeys and gave them food so they would come right to the fence. He kept telling us how strong they were and how smart they were at figuring out how to get out. Fortunately there was an electric fence between them and us… which of course wasn’t working.

When we went to see the guerillas they looked extra angry we were there. The guide just got done telling us about how the guerillas need a two layer fence because they can throw big tree branches into the fence and break them. Pretty much right after he is done telling us this his radio goes off and he informs us that two of the male guerillas broke through the first fence and are walking around in between the fences, and they were coming our way.

I will not lie… it was a little scary. Here is a picture i took before we scurried off:


Well, I am feeling pretty sick this morning. I feel like it isnt too bad, i just need to pass it from my system. I think going down the street to a shack with a dirt floor to order spaghetti and omelette sandwiches was a bad idea. The plan today is to rest and recover for the work day tomorrow.

July 10, 2009

Day Eight

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Yesterday the internet when out for the entire day, which it seems to do on occasion.

Mickey got a call the other day from some guy at the airport here, and he informed him that my bag was located in Brussels. By the grace of God my bag then made it on the next plane here, where I picked it up this evening. We had to do some sweet talking and finagleing to get my bag (i lost a very important document), and after going into some really scary and dark rooms with customs agents I left the airport, bag in hand.

What a relief! Not having a bag for a couple days wasnt THAT bad, but the last couple days were wearing on me. Thankfully there was a Campus Crusade team here, and they really took care of me. Thanks guys!

Work has been going great. I really enjoy what I am doing. I am helping frame the second story of the main school. There are two other guys working on it with me. It is challenging work, and being in the sun is hard, but the view of the jungle is just amazing. The other part that is hard is that the other two guys speak french (the nations language) and a little english. Understanding them at times is difficult, but things are getting better.

This is the building I am working on:_MG_0853_MG_0868

July 7, 2009

Quiz Show:

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Luke’s bags could be in either:

a) Paris

b) Brussels

c) Duala

d) Orange County

e) All of the above!

If you have selected (e) you are a winner!

Going on a week with two pairs of clothes, limited toiletries, ect…

We went to the airport this evening because there was a flight comming in from Brussels for the first time since I got here. My bag was supposed to be on this flight but unfortunately it wasn’t. There are a couple of possibilities of what could have happened. Most of the time Air France will take take lost bags from Brussels to Yaounde. The baggage guy at the airport said this is what happened to my bag. Now, Air France could have forgotten to drop my bag off in Yaounde and taken it the rest of its rout to Duala. Air France might also have taken it to Paris. Or my personal guess is that it is still in the states (very sarcastic).

The reason it is all so confusing is because I have a bar code that can locate my bag wherever it is through Air Brussels, but now that a different airline has my bag there is no way anyone can track it. Also, Air France took my bag day’s ago, so it really could be anywhere.

The biggest bummer is that I am not allowed to work on the construction site without boots. We are working desperately to find boots but no one seems to have anything near my size, and we cant just buy some on the street. Until I get proper boots I will be working throughout the day helping the missionaries/translators with whatever they need.

Please pray that God would grant the desire of my heart to get my things back. It would bring so much comfort to me.

The Work Site:

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Who could work with a view like this?


July 6, 2009

First Blog Post from Cameroon

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Well the internet connection is spotty and will often turn off for no reason so I will try to type this as fast as I can!

So pretty much every one of my flights were completely crazy…delayed, moved gates, ect. Brussels was awful, it was a zoo, a maze, and smelled like cheese. I rushed to my plane only to sit and taxi for an hour. I guess my bag just wasnt fast enough to get on. Brussels airlines flys to yaounde twice a week. I should get my bag on tuesday night. Fortunately Micky warned me about this so I packed two changes of clothes that I carried on the plane.

I am still getting acclimated. I underestimated the recovery time for an 8 hour time change. I truly feel like I am on the other side of the world. Mickey started me off with a fun little project the first day to chop down a banana tree and harvest the fruit. Apparently once the tree produces fruit once, it will not produce fruit again so you have to just chop it down.


I am so excited to be here. We have some really fun and exciting things planned. I am going to start work on tuesday and work 8 hours a day monday through friday. We took a tour today of the Rain Forest Internationl School (RFIS). It is an amazing facility, it totally blew away all my expectations. Unfortunately tomorrow (tuesday) I will have to miss my first day of work because I dont have the required work boots (they are in my lost luggage).

The facility here is quite nice. It is completely surrounded by a brick wall with a 24-hour security guard behind a metal gate, also there is a guard that walks the premises at night. So you can imagine with that kind of security I feel quite safe. I am staying in a Hostel type room. I have it to myself with a small bathroom attached with a shower are still very “third world” but it is a GREAT blessing to have them in my room.

The weather is very warm, but its the humidity that really makes you sweat. I have never been in humidity like this before! The rain is incredible. Thunder, lightning, and rain erupts so quickly. Because I have only two changes of clothes I had to do laundry the other day. Of course as soon as I put my clothes on the line and went to my room to take a nap there was a torrential downpour.

It is really encouraging to see so many local people excited about what WA is doing here. From the security guards at our base to the construction workers, you can see a passion for God in these people. I am so fortunate to be here among these servants of the Lord. How Encouraging!

It would be great to hear from you! Feel free to email me at

July 2, 2009

On my way to Cameroon

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I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to serve with Wycliffe in the country of Cameroon. I will help construct the Rain Forest International School in Yaounde Cameroon for the entire month of July.

Some pretty incredible things have happened to allow me to go on this trip. The first of which was the incredible art benefit show that my sister put on for me. For those of you who attended I am thankful to the bottom of my heart. artshow1artshow2artshow3

The art show was a total successes and so much fun! We raised almost the exact amount of money needed to fund this trip.

The second miraculous thing that happened had to do with getting my work visa from Cameroon. At the beginning of June I had to mail my passport, some money, and my visa application to the embassy of Cameroon in D.C., and they would mail my passport back within a couple weeks with my visa. About a week before I was to leave on my trip I still had not received my visa. Frantically I called the embassy, only able to leave voice mails for several days in a row. Finally I got through to someone and they informed me that they changed the visa application fee and I did not give them enough money! Then, about four days before I leave I mailed them the extra money and waited anxiously for them to return my visa and passport.

Today, less then twelve hours before I leave my visa was mailed to me! Praise God! It was nothing short of miraculous.

I look forward to updating this blog over the coming month to share stories and pictures of the work that God is doing in Cameroon.



October 10, 2008

Life in SLO and upcoming trip to Peru

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Well I pretty much set up this blog specifically for timothy project, but I have since decided that it is something that I would like to keep updated every now and then.

The house:

Life is excellent. It is quite an experience to be moved out for the first time, but things just could not be going any smoother or more wonderfully. I have five other roommates in a great three bedroom house in a great location here in slo. I seriously could not ask for better roommates. Our house seems to be the hub for gatherings. Between tuesday night dinners, wednesday night small group, and various other social gatherings our house seems to have guests every night of the week. This makes the process of accumulating new friends almost effortless. 

The Job front:

As of yesterday I have reached my goal of three jobs (I figured this to be the most responsible route while I am taking a break from school). The first of these jobs is at a graphic design/ wedding video/ clothing company. Here I run errands for the the owner and fill orders that people place online. It is really fun and interesting, and the best part is is that I make my own hours and can come in when it is convenient for me. The second job is as a personal assistant for the wonderful Mrs. Helbert. This job consists of a whole lot of random errands. This as it turns out is quite fun and provides for very interesting days. The hours are great and super flexible. The third job I obtained only yesterday is at Urban Outfitters. This was quite a pleasant surprise for me. The first interview I went to was a group interview with thirteen other people. This upset me greatly and because I had two other jobs already I decided that I was going to give smart ass responses and seriously not pay attention during this super awkward group interview. One of the questions they asked was “What kind of people are hard to work with” (such a dumb question). I opted to not answer that question because it was so lame. But sadly after everyone gave their lame response the interviewer looked at me and said, “hey, you haven’t said anything.” Dang… forced to respond. So I said the first thing that came to mind, “Well what do you expect me to say, everyone already described the most depressing people in the world.” Needless to say I was surprised when they called me a week later for a second interview. The second interview was also a group interview with no one there from the first thirteen from the previous interview. The five of us on the second interview went through a series of more lame questions. Then wouldn’t you know it, I got a call yesterday and was offered a job. 


I am so excited about going to Peru!!! The trip is coming up so quickly. Instead of rewriting a description I will just copy down my support letter:


I have been given a great opportunity to go to Peru with my roommates from November 4 to the 14. We are establishing relationships with a church in a small working village outside of Cuzco. This is the second trip to the village. On the last trip the team was able to establish a church by making relations with a local named Esteban Santiago. It is Esteban’s life long dream to get a church in his hometown. Our mission is to go to Cuzco biannually and help Esteban with his dream. This trip we are going to visit and work with him establishing the church and help plan for further trips to Cuzco. We will also be evangelizing in small villages nearby. Our team will consist of 5 people and we will be there for ten days. 

Once again I ask you for continued support through prayer and if you feel lead financial support as well. Any amount will be a tremendous blessing, and it is greatly appreciated.  I have about $1,300 that needs to be raised through support.  

You can mail a check to my church at:

First Baptist SLO

2075 Johnson Ave.

San Luis Obispo 93401


I will definitely blog about the trip when we get back, and I will make sure there are plenty of great pictures. 


God is so good and I am continually amazed by His blessings and provisions. I can spend my time thinking about all these grandiose blessings like my jobs and Peru and such but I realize that I then forget about all the small things, the things that just blow my mind. Good health, friends, a house, sometimes it seems to be too much. My satisfaction is not derived by these tangible blessings but rather in that Christ is more then enough. This I know is no new information, but its the simplicity of it all that blows my mind.

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