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August 18, 2008

San Fran, Oregon, and Beyond

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Well the timothy project is officially over! We finished up on Saturday and we drove back to riverside on Sunday. The last two weeks of the project were especially intense, so I will briefly catch you up on that.


Two weeks ago we took a little road trip up to San Fransisco and stayed at the YWAM base up there. The base was located in the tenderloin district which is a very poor neighborhood that has been taken over by crack. It was pretty much a non-stop week.

After SF we hopped on the freeway thinking we were going back to SLO but we ended up going all the way up to Oregon. We spent our last week in Oregon stopping, reflecting, and spending time with the Lord. Our week consisted of waking up at 7, eating breakfast, and then all of us getting dropped off at different locations to spend 7 hours by ourselves alone in the forest. It was a challenging but rewarding time.

As for now, I am moving up to SLO this week where I am going to figure out which ministries I would like to continue and figure out a good school/job scenario. 


I realize that this blog is majorly lacking on details so if you have any questions about the trip or anything feel free to ask.


Thanks for reading my blog and following along as I went through this great experience. 

Luke Creswell


August 1, 2008

Off to the fair!

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This week we spent at the Mid State Fair! All my wildest dreams came true! Of course the very first thing I did was round up some money to purchase a culinary masterpiece of epic proportions, this of course was none other then a deep fried snickers bar. After I successfully took ten years off my life I decided to get back to the ministry at hand.

This week was challenging because the following weeks were spent entering a foreign social circle with people that either knew who we were, or had an idea of when we were coming or what we were doing . This week we were on our own to cultivate relationships with the carnies (circus folk). This was especially challenging because we had to covertly get into their circle and then work on relationships from there. Also its one thing to be talking to the FORMER drug user within the con-finds of a NA meeting, it is another thing entirely to hang out with a current meth head. These people have it rough, traveling with the carnival for years and years, going from one town to the next. I met a lot of interesting people who had a lot of interesting things to say. Another hurdle was the heat, it gets hot in Paso Robles! So to make it even worse I haven’t showered for seven days. Luke + sweat + no shower + seven days = crazy stinky. I need a shampoo with bleach in it or something. The irony is that this week back at camp was extremely cold, I had to sneak into the van to sleep at night to escape the shivers. Also this week I got to work at a booth at the fair! Me a temporary carnie!? YES! We all took a couple 2 to 3 hours shifts at the Child Evangelism Fellowship booth. Basically we shared the gospel with yougens, it was great. What made it even better was that we were right across from a candy booth, we had a blender booth to our right, and a message booth to our left.

It was a pretty solid week. We are all getting to the ends of our ropes, true colors and emotions, frustrations and pains are being revealed as we are loosing steam. We are an extremely cohesive group but I cannot deny the chaffing. Today we all decided to go to the beach and watch the sunset and have a little T.P. non-ministry related hang out time. It will be good for all of us.

Well I know that we are going out of town tomorrow, I just don’t know where. My guess would be either SF or LA to do some inner city work. It should be exciting and challenging. Also, next week is my last Sabbath and then I go home! These last two weeks are going to fly by.

If you could continue to pray for strength and understanding with my fellow project people and the people we interact with I would greatly appreciate it.

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