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October 10, 2008

Life in SLO and upcoming trip to Peru

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Well I pretty much set up this blog specifically for timothy project, but I have since decided that it is something that I would like to keep updated every now and then.

The house:

Life is excellent. It is quite an experience to be moved out for the first time, but things just could not be going any smoother or more wonderfully. I have five other roommates in a great three bedroom house in a great location here in slo. I seriously could not ask for better roommates. Our house seems to be the hub for gatherings. Between tuesday night dinners, wednesday night small group, and various other social gatherings our house seems to have guests every night of the week. This makes the process of accumulating new friends almost effortless. 

The Job front:

As of yesterday I have reached my goal of three jobs (I figured this to be the most responsible route while I am taking a break from school). The first of these jobs is at a graphic design/ wedding video/ clothing company. Here I run errands for the the owner and fill orders that people place online. It is really fun and interesting, and the best part is is that I make my own hours and can come in when it is convenient for me. The second job is as a personal assistant for the wonderful Mrs. Helbert. This job consists of a whole lot of random errands. This as it turns out is quite fun and provides for very interesting days. The hours are great and super flexible. The third job I obtained only yesterday is at Urban Outfitters. This was quite a pleasant surprise for me. The first interview I went to was a group interview with thirteen other people. This upset me greatly and because I had two other jobs already I decided that I was going to give smart ass responses and seriously not pay attention during this super awkward group interview. One of the questions they asked was “What kind of people are hard to work with” (such a dumb question). I opted to not answer that question because it was so lame. But sadly after everyone gave their lame response the interviewer looked at me and said, “hey, you haven’t said anything.” Dang… forced to respond. So I said the first thing that came to mind, “Well what do you expect me to say, everyone already described the most depressing people in the world.” Needless to say I was surprised when they called me a week later for a second interview. The second interview was also a group interview with no one there from the first thirteen from the previous interview. The five of us on the second interview went through a series of more lame questions. Then wouldn’t you know it, I got a call yesterday and was offered a job. 


I am so excited about going to Peru!!! The trip is coming up so quickly. Instead of rewriting a description I will just copy down my support letter:


I have been given a great opportunity to go to Peru with my roommates from November 4 to the 14. We are establishing relationships with a church in a small working village outside of Cuzco. This is the second trip to the village. On the last trip the team was able to establish a church by making relations with a local named Esteban Santiago. It is Esteban’s life long dream to get a church in his hometown. Our mission is to go to Cuzco biannually and help Esteban with his dream. This trip we are going to visit and work with him establishing the church and help plan for further trips to Cuzco. We will also be evangelizing in small villages nearby. Our team will consist of 5 people and we will be there for ten days. 

Once again I ask you for continued support through prayer and if you feel lead financial support as well. Any amount will be a tremendous blessing, and it is greatly appreciated.  I have about $1,300 that needs to be raised through support.  

You can mail a check to my church at:

First Baptist SLO

2075 Johnson Ave.

San Luis Obispo 93401


I will definitely blog about the trip when we get back, and I will make sure there are plenty of great pictures. 


God is so good and I am continually amazed by His blessings and provisions. I can spend my time thinking about all these grandiose blessings like my jobs and Peru and such but I realize that I then forget about all the small things, the things that just blow my mind. Good health, friends, a house, sometimes it seems to be too much. My satisfaction is not derived by these tangible blessings but rather in that Christ is more then enough. This I know is no new information, but its the simplicity of it all that blows my mind.


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