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July 6, 2009

First Blog Post from Cameroon

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Well the internet connection is spotty and will often turn off for no reason so I will try to type this as fast as I can!

So pretty much every one of my flights were completely crazy…delayed, moved gates, ect. Brussels was awful, it was a zoo, a maze, and smelled like cheese. I rushed to my plane only to sit and taxi for an hour. I guess my bag just wasnt fast enough to get on. Brussels airlines flys to yaounde twice a week. I should get my bag on tuesday night. Fortunately Micky warned me about this so I packed two changes of clothes that I carried on the plane.

I am still getting acclimated. I underestimated the recovery time for an 8 hour time change. I truly feel like I am on the other side of the world. Mickey started me off with a fun little project the first day to chop down a banana tree and harvest the fruit. Apparently once the tree produces fruit once, it will not produce fruit again so you have to just chop it down.


I am so excited to be here. We have some really fun and exciting things planned. I am going to start work on tuesday and work 8 hours a day monday through friday. We took a tour today of the Rain Forest Internationl School (RFIS). It is an amazing facility, it totally blew away all my expectations. Unfortunately tomorrow (tuesday) I will have to miss my first day of work because I dont have the required work boots (they are in my lost luggage).

The facility here is quite nice. It is completely surrounded by a brick wall with a 24-hour security guard behind a metal gate, also there is a guard that walks the premises at night. So you can imagine with that kind of security I feel quite safe. I am staying in a Hostel type room. I have it to myself with a small bathroom attached with a shower are still very “third world” but it is a GREAT blessing to have them in my room.

The weather is very warm, but its the humidity that really makes you sweat. I have never been in humidity like this before! The rain is incredible. Thunder, lightning, and rain erupts so quickly. Because I have only two changes of clothes I had to do laundry the other day. Of course as soon as I put my clothes on the line and went to my room to take a nap there was a torrential downpour.

It is really encouraging to see so many local people excited about what WA is doing here. From the security guards at our base to the construction workers, you can see a passion for God in these people. I am so fortunate to be here among these servants of the Lord. How Encouraging!

It would be great to hear from you! Feel free to email me at


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  1. hey luke – glad to hear that you’re there safely! hopefully you do get your clothes soon! actually, what i enjoyed about reading this, was that i scrolled down and took a stroll down memory lane and read all of your timothy project updates also. it seems like that was more than a year ago. i miss it. anyway, i hope you are doing well. miss you, kid!

    the link i posted is from my blog from last summer if you want to take a look at tim pro from a different perspective.

    Comment by Allison — July 6, 2009 @ 6:10 pm

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