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July 7, 2009

Quiz Show:

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Luke’s bags could be in either:

a) Paris

b) Brussels

c) Duala

d) Orange County

e) All of the above!

If you have selected (e) you are a winner!

Going on a week with two pairs of clothes, limited toiletries, ect…

We went to the airport this evening because there was a flight comming in from Brussels for the first time since I got here. My bag was supposed to be on this flight but unfortunately it wasn’t. There are a couple of possibilities of what could have happened. Most of the time Air France will take take lost bags from Brussels to Yaounde. The baggage guy at the airport said this is what happened to my bag. Now, Air France could have forgotten to drop my bag off in Yaounde and taken it the rest of its rout to Duala. Air France might also have taken it to Paris. Or my personal guess is that it is still in the states (very sarcastic).

The reason it is all so confusing is because I have a bar code that can locate my bag wherever it is through Air Brussels, but now that a different airline has my bag there is no way anyone can track it. Also, Air France took my bag day’s ago, so it really could be anywhere.

The biggest bummer is that I am not allowed to work on the construction site without boots. We are working desperately to find boots but no one seems to have anything near my size, and we cant just buy some on the street. Until I get proper boots I will be working throughout the day helping the missionaries/translators with whatever they need.

Please pray that God would grant the desire of my heart to get my things back. It would bring so much comfort to me.


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