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July 12, 2009

Primate Park

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We went to a “primate park” on Saturday. I felt like I was in the movie Jurassic Park… you know, after the electricity goes out, everything breaks, and all the animals try to eat you.



It was a really cool place. We drove about an hour outside of Yaounde, into the jungle. This park is basically just very large fenced off areas of jungle with tons of different monkeys in them, Baboons, Chimps, Guerillas, ect. We had a guide who took us around and showed us the monkeys and gave them food so they would come right to the fence. He kept telling us how strong they were and how smart they were at figuring out how to get out. Fortunately there was an electric fence between them and us… which of course wasn’t working.

When we went to see the guerillas they looked extra angry we were there. The guide just got done telling us about how the guerillas need a two layer fence because they can throw big tree branches into the fence and break them. Pretty much right after he is done telling us this his radio goes off and he informs us that two of the male guerillas broke through the first fence and are walking around in between the fences, and they were coming our way.

I will not lie… it was a little scary. Here is a picture i took before we scurried off:


Well, I am feeling pretty sick this morning. I feel like it isnt too bad, i just need to pass it from my system. I think going down the street to a shack with a dirt floor to order spaghetti and omelette sandwiches was a bad idea. The plan today is to rest and recover for the work day tomorrow.


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  1. Run, Forrest, run!

    Comment by Mom — July 13, 2009 @ 12:00 am

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