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July 17, 2009

Steady as She Goes

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Well, not a whole lot to report here since my last update. At the end of my last blog post I mentioned that I was not feeling well. That turned into quite the illness that knocked me on my butt for a couple days. I was pretty sick from sunday through tuesday. By wednesday I was able to go to the site and work (by the grace of God) for the whole day.

Work has been getting better everyday! The language barrier is still there but as I get more and more comfortable navigating the roof and surrounding job site I can anticipate what work is needed instead of waiting for instructions that hardly make any sense to me. Carpentry is hard! Harder then I thought, and working with this rock hard, water soaked jungle wood has been a challenge.

On this one project I was working on I was just having the hardest time and I started to get discouraged. Then Johnson (his real name I cannot pronounce), an extremely nice an knowledgeable craftsmen from Cameroon, came by to see how I was doing.

Johnson inspected my work.

“Johnson”, I said “Should I just stop what I am doing?” I was afraid of ruining the project.

Without hesitation he said, “Do not stop, just improve.”

HA! Like its that easy! …. Is what I was thinking. You know I am sure there is a real lesson there. It seems that there are many times in my life when I call out to God that I want to quit, and rather then letting me quit He gives me the ablitites, tools, and the strength to not only just continue on, but to improve.

It wasn’t long before I finished that project with a smile on my face.

I will leave you with a picture of last nights dinner:



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